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Зацените новинки СИ-БИ радиостанций. (Европа).

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Интересно - у нас те же Galaxy DX95T позиционируются как СВ-шные станции, а у производителя рабочий диапазон указан 28.315 ~ 28.755 МГц или ещё короче: "10m Radio".

Оффлайн RAØZHM

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Вот здесь эти станции, правда ценовая политика странная...

Вот аппаратик:


Вместо апарата DRAGON SS-485S, выпускается аналогичный:

С дополнительным модулем, который крепится на задний радиатор -  80 ВАТТ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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По MAGNUMам - это сюда: http://www.magnumradio.com/

Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
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  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Новенькие аппаратики на 27-30 Мгц.

Albrecht AE 7500 AM/FM/SSB  CB Radio   (Técnicamente el Albrecht AE7500 es muy similar al AE5890EU).

Potencias de transmisión en el modo de radio aficionado
AM 10 vatios
FM 30 vatios
SSB - 20 vatios PEP

Funciones y características
Gran pantalla LCD ”en color azul” con visualización del canal y la frecuencia
Modificable para la banda de radioaficionados de 10m con función repetidor
ASQ – Auto Squelch
Medidor SWR  (medidor de ROE)
Función Amplificador PA
Canal 9/19 con solo una pulsación
4 teclas de estación (4 canales favoritos como la marcación directa)
Reloj Dual Dual Watch
Modo ECHO ajustable
Controles de tono
AMT función talkback en cualquier modo
Funciones de búsqueda de escaneo
SSB Clarificador de + / – 1 kHz
Ganancia del micrófono ajustable
Ganancia de recepción ajustable
Potencia de salida ajustable en todos los modos
Dispositivo se conecta de nuevo con el último canal
Squelch ajustable  NB Noise Blanker
S-Meter Analógico
Indicación de la potencia de transmisión relativa en la pantalla LCD (gráfico de barras)
Roger beep (se puede desactivar)
conector de micrófono de 6 pin
Micrófono de mano con botones Frec UP / DOWN



Frequency Coverage:.............24.500 to 29.999 Mhz  Dual Band
Antenna Impedance:..............50 ohm, unbalanced
Frequency Control:..........Digital Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesizer
Frequency Accuracy:.......Better than +10 ppm from 0 - 40 °C after 15 min. warm up
Power Requirement:..............12 -13.8 V DC, negative ground
Current Consumption:.................9 amps maximum
Dimensions:...................6 x 2 x 9.5 in (W x H x D)
Weight:..........................2.9 Ibs

Power Output:
SSB/ FM...50 Watts,
AM..15 Watts RMS / 50 Watts PEP

Tuning Steps:.....1 kHz /5Khz/10 kHz /100 kHz/1Mhz   5khz default step on power up
Final Transistors:...........IRF520 MOSFET (x2)
Spurious Emissions:...........More than 50 dB below peak output power
Carrier Suppression:............More than 40 dB below peak output power
Unwanted Sideband:...........More than 50 dB below peak output (1 kHz tone)
FM Deviation:..........................+/- 5 kHz maximum
Audio Response......................More than 30dB below peak output
Frequency Response:.............400 to 2800 Hz
Microphone Impedance:...........ECM, 600 to 1 K ohms

Circuit Type:...............Dual-Conversion Super-heterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies:
1st IF/SSB IF...10.695 MHz
2nd IF...455 kHz

SSB...0.25 V at 10 dB S + N/N
AM...1.0 V at10dBS+N/N
FM...0.3 V at12dBSINAD

SSB...4.2 kHz (-6 dB) / 8.5 kHz (-60 dB)
AM / FM...6.0 kHz (-6 dB) /18 kHz (-60 dB)

Clarifier Range:..........................+/-1.5 kHz
Adjacent Channel Rejection:..............Better than 70 dB
I F Rejection:.............................Better than 85 dB for all frequencies
Frequency Response:.................250 to 3000 Hz
Audio Output Power:...................2 watts minimum at 10% THD with an 8 ohm load
Audio Output Impedance:..........8 ohms
Dual Finals on Heat Sink with temp controlled fan
Modes AM, FM, USB, LSB
Microprocessor Controlled
5 memories memory scan as well as band scan
Last Channel Recall
Frequency Scan in any step (1khz/5khz/10khz/100khz)
Variable RF Output Power all modes
Variable Mic Gain
Repeater offset...1khz-999khz +/- offset all bands all modes
5 Digit LCD Frequency Display
Scanning Microphone step in 1/5/10/100khz steps
Night Illuminated Display white led
Surface Mount Technology throughout


Main Features
Frequency range 28.000 - 29.700 MHz HF 10 Meter Band AM/FM/SSB/CW
Frequency Range 25.615 - 30.105 MHz (HR-5500EX version only)
Backlighted LCD Display (amber color) with 7-digit frequency readout
2-Digit Channel Number readout
6 Frequency Bands, 60 Channels (programmable) in each band
RF Power max 12W AM/CW, 40W FM, 40W SSB
Digital S/RF Meter, RG Gain control, RF Power control
Scan/SC List, Dual Watch, EMG, RB, NB/ANL, LOCK, LCD Off, TOT, HI-Cut
Dynamic Microphone with UP/DOWN/AQ (Auto Squelch) controls
Quick UP/Quick DOWN frequency selection
PA (Public Address) circuit
AS/SQL (manual or automatic Squelch control)
Radio is fully PC programmable (with optional PC Interface Cable)
Antenna Connector UHF SO239
Temperature Range -15/+50 °C
Input Voltage 13.8V (15.9V max / 11.7V min) - 9A max at 40W SSB PEP
Dimension : cm 28 x 25 x 6 / Weight : kg 2.8

28.000 - 29.700 KHz 12W AM / 40W FM-SSB

HR-5500EX International Version, includes all CB bands and frequency range 25.610-30.105 KHz. Not available for sale or use in the EEC countries.

Uniden PC787

The PC787 is the latest CB radio from Uniden.  It replaces the PC78 series radios and has a very similar look.  Right away, though, you will notice the larger meters and fewer knobs. The PC787 also uses a 6 pin microphone, unlike its predecessors.

The extra-large S/RF/SWR meter lets you check you levels with a glance.  The PC787 has all the features important to you: integrated SWR meter, mic and RF gain, weather alert, noise blanker, automatic noise limiter, instant channel 9/19, and more.

CB AM 40 channels (4W)
7 weather channels with Weather Alert
Public Address function (External speaker required – not provided)
Automatic Noise Limiter
Noise Blanker
Transmit/Receive LED (Red and yellow-green)
CH9 and CH19 direct tune
Dimmer control (High/Medium/Low)
Variable RF Gain
Variable MIC Gain
Variable Tone control
Multifunction Meter (RF, Signal Strength, and SWR)
Variable Volume control
Variable Squelch control
6-pin microphone jack


Transceptor CB
 Adecuado tanto para las empresas como para los taxis, y los aficionados que necesitan modos como SSB. Esta unidad opera en un amplio rango de frecuencia de 25.615 MHz a 30.105 MHz (programable)
 Potencia de salida – hasta 40 W


Radio AM / FM / LSB / USB / CW / PA
 El panel frontal tiene una pantalla monocroma LCD
 Modo de exploración (SCAN)
 Auto Squelch ASQ
 Escucha en dos canales (DW)
 canales rusos y europeos
 Canal de emergencia en el canal 9 (CH9)
 Capacidad para ajustar la salida señal
 SWR integrado
 Funcion tiempo límite de transmisión (TOT)
 función ECHO
 Programable con PC
 conectividad altavoz externo
 Margen de frecuencia:. 25,615 MHz – 30,105 MHz
 Canales 40/240.
 incremento de frecuencia: 10 Hz / 100 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz.
 Potencia del transmisor: AM / FM – 12.1 mar. SSB – 30 vatios.

Fuente de alimentación: 13,8 V
 Dimensiones:. 280x250x60 mm
 Peso: 2,5 kg.

На смену DX-SR8T, пришел новый аппарат DX-SR9T

A new desktop radio designed to be affordable without compromising performance, the DX-SR9T boasts an analog easy-to-use transceiver featuring 3 ceramic filters with narrow modes and optional mechanical filter insertion capabilities; excellent 1ppm stability and an internal voice/data VOX circuit to easily interface the data-communication modes such as SSTV and PSK31.

Yes, the DX-SR9T is a hybrid, stand-alone analog and digital SDR transceiver, featuring simple operating commands, straight forward and logical key layout assures that you can start enjoying this state-of-the-art SDR transceiver from the moment you first power up!

With front-panel separation, large bright LCD display, front facing speaker, Auto-keyer and many other desired features the DX-SR9T is ready to capture the attention of everyone from a beginner in the world of Shortwave to the most experienced operators!

General coverage receiver 150KHz~30MHz in AM/SSB/CW/FM and SDR modes
Internal VOX eliminates optional interface box for PC connection
Rugged, die-cast chassis and huge LCD display
Front-speaker and powerful 2W audio output makes it easy to hear signals
Front and rear jacks make PC interface easy
Narrow ceramic flters (AM 2.4KHz/SSB 1KHz), 0.5KHz CW audio-fltering and optional mechanical flter insertion capabilities
Dual VFO, 3 banks/600 memory channels, two sets of programmed search pairs and varieties of scanning modes
IF shift, RIT, Noise blanker, 4-level RF preamp /attenuator, Auto-power-off, Sleep-timer, Dial/Key locks,indicator illumination and more at no extra cost.
Computer utility software makes it easy to manage settings and edit memories

Optional Accessories
EDX-2 Automatic long-wire antenna tuner
EDS-17 Front control remote kit (5m cable, front panel bracket, unit cover and hardware)
EMS-14 Desktop microphone
DM330/340MV series DC power supplies
ERW-7 PC interface cable (USB)
ERW-4C PC interface cable (Serial)

[About SDR]

The SDR system in DX-SR9T consists of I/Q signal output and a mixer circuit. It requires a high quality sound device (internal or USB-interface) and PC specs as follows. Please remember; Higher the PC spec, Better the SDR performance!

OS: Windows Vista or 7

CPU:Intel Core i5 2.4GHz equivalent or faster

Memory: 2GByte or more

Display resolution/color: 1024x768pixek 32bit or more

Sound device: 48KHz 16bit sampling, capable of stereo record/replay (Tested with Creative Sound Blaster series!

Mouse: Center wheel and High-speed scroll feature

Cables: A pair of commonly available audio cables with 3.5mm stereo-plug

PC Speaker, PC microphone or headset(with microphone)

Anytone AT-5289

Anytone AT-5289 FREQUENCY RANGE : 25Mhz – 30Mhz (10 / 12 Meters) POWER OUTPUT : L / 5 Watts M / 15 Watts H / 50 Watts Specification GENERAL Modulation modes AM/FM Frequency ranges 28.000-29.700MHz 25.615-31.105MHz (programmable) Antenna impedance 50 Ohms Power supply 13.2V Dimensions(in mm) 15.8X 4.8X16.5(WXHXL) Weight 1.1KG TRANSMISSION Frequency error +/- 300HZ.

Super Star-158EDX

480 channels, AM/FM/CW/SSB modes of operation
Blue light channel display and Frequency counter display
6 digit frequency counter
+10KHz switch function
Front panel SWR meter
ECHO capability

Frequency Composition   Phase-Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesizer
Chanels   480FM ; 480AM ; 480LSB ; 480USB
Frequency Range   24.265 ~ 29.655 MHz
Emission   AM/FM/CW/SSB
Frequency Stability   0.001%
Operating Temperature Range   -20 °C ~ +50 °C
Power Source   13.8 VDC
Antenna Impedance   50 Ohms
Antenna Connector   Standard SO-239 type
Dimensions   237 (D) x 200 (W) x 60 (H) mm
Weight ( with microphone )   2.0 kgs
RF Power Output   AM/FM/CW : 10 watts ; SSB : 25 watts PEP
Carrier Supression   -55 dB
Spurious Emission   -55 dB
Audio Distortion   10%
Frequency Reponse   300 ~ 2500Hz
Microphone   Dynamic
Sensitivity for 10dB SINAD   
AM 0.5uV ; SSB 0.25u
FM 20dB SINAD   0.25uV
Squelch Sensitivity   0.25uV
Image Rejection   -65 dB
Selectivity   -55 dB
Audio Output Power   3.0 W at 10% THD


RANGER CB Radio SEA EAGLE VT Features 480 channels 10/11/12 Meters Width Frequency Range Radio AM 5 watts FM 10 watts Frequency Display Scan Function 7 Color Display Specification General Channels 480 Frequency Range 24.265 ~ 29.655MHz Emission AM/FM Frequency Stability 0.001% Operating Temperature Range -20 °C ~ +50 °C Power Source 13.8 VDC Antenna Impedance 50.


SUPER STAR 2400 Features 240 channels, AM/FM/CW/SSB modes of operation Received Tone Hi/Lo control +/- 5KHz Clarifier range 3 way RF Gain switch PA capability Specification General Frequency Composition Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) Synthesizer Channels 240 Frequency Range A – 26.065 ~ 26.505MHz B – 26.515 ~ 26.955MHz C – 26.965 ~ 27.405MHz D – 27.415


Starlight faceplate ( Backlit )
SWR circuit with high SWR alert indicator
Roger Beep circuit with ON/OFF switch
+10KHz switch function
+/- 5KHz Clarifier range
CW circuit capability

   Frequency Composition   Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) Synthesizer
   Channels   240
   Frequency Range   A – 26.065 ~ 26.505MHz
      B – 26.515 ~ 26.955MHz
      C – 26.965 ~ 27.405MHz
      D – 27.415 ~ 27.855MHz
      E – 27.865 ~ 28.305MHz
      F – 28.315 ~ 28.755MHz
   Emission   AM/FM/CW/SSB
   Frequency Stability   0.001%
   Operating Temperature Range   -20 °C ~ +50 °C
   Power Source   13.8 VDC
   Antenna Impedance   50 ohms
   Antenna Connectors   Standard SO-239 type
   Dimensions   237(D) x 200(W) x60(H)mm
   Weight ( with microphone )   1.95kgs

Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
  • Ветеран
  • *****
  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Новая радиостанция еа 27 Мгц, с полным управлением на тангенте.

Описание ...

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Еще один аппаратик на 10-11 метров.

6666 High Power 10 Meter Radio

ODM Project
AM, FM, USB, LSB, PA Function
ASQ Function
CTCSS/DCS (option)
High Power 10 METER Radio
Frequency: ODM project


Mode: AM, FM, USB, LSB, PA
High/Med/Low power
AM PEP Max: 60W
FM Max: 50W
SSB Max: 60W
ASQ function
Large LCD display
ECHO function
Frequency programmable on computer
VFO channel
CTCSS/DCS (option)

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Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
  • Ветеран
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  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Еще одна новинка:
AT-5555N CB Radio

AT-5555N Large LCD display
1, ASQ function
2, ECHO function
3, Dual watch
4, EMG channel CH9/19

AT-5555N Large LCD display Frequency: 25.615-30.105MHZ


Mode: AM, FM, USB, LSB, PA< CW
PEP: AM 45W; FM 30W; SSB 30W
ASQ function
Large LCD display
ECHO function
Frequency programmable on computer
Dual watch
EMG channel CH9/19

Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
  • Ветеран
  • *****
  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Новинка си-би диапазона...

ЭЛТ-2000 видео – 40 АМ / ФМ канальный мультистандартный  – мощность: 4 Вт


Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
  • Ветеран
  • *****
  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Еще одна новинка от фирмы CRT: Радиостанция CRT SS 7900

Все те же станции, только с новым брендом.
К примеру:
CRT 270M --> ANYTON AT-588UV
CRT 2M --> WACCOM WM-9000
CRT SS 6900 --> KENWOOD TH-9000
И т.д...

Частотный диапазон: 28,000 … 29,700 МГц (25,615 … 30,105 МГц после модификации)
Каналы: ?
Шаг каналов: ?
Выходная мощность
FM: 30 Вт
АМ: 12 Вт
SSB: 30 Вт
Напряжение: Напряжение: 13.8 В постоянного тока
Размеры: 200x280x60 мм
Вес: 1.5 кг
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Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
  • Ветеран
  • *****
  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Более подробная информация о радиостанции си-би диапазона: Радиостанция CRT 2000
Так же, выпускается под названиями: AnyTone Apollo 2 и Optim Voyager


Частотный диапазон: 26,565-27,405 МГц (25,615 … 30,105 МГц после модификации)
Каналы: 40
Шаг каналов: 10кГц
Режим: FM/АМ
Выходная мощность: 4 Вт, 15 вт.
Напряжение: 13,8 В
Размеры: 122 x165 x35
Вес: 480 гр
Прочие особенности
Большой цветной многофункциональный ЖК-дисплей
Номер канала или частота + канал
CH9 / 19
6 клавиш с изменяемым функционалом
Функция сканирования
Roger Beep (8 настроек)
Bluetooth (опцией)
Программируемая с помощью компьютера

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А чем она лучше других? Кроме 15 ватт.

Оффлайн RAØZHM

  • Репа: 144.325/435.325 тон 100
  • Ветеран
  • *****
  • Пол: Мужской
    • Форум Камчатских радиолюбителей
  • QTH: QO92
Цитировать (выделенное)
А чем она лучше других? Кроме 15 ватт.
Ну, не все новые станции на 27 мгц, могут нести на борту функцию CTCSS. В условиях помех на 27 мгц, актуально.
Да и блюпуп, не помешает...

http://radiochief.ru/obzory/obzor-radiostantsii-anytone-apollo-2/ - более подробны отчет.
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Тогда согласен, субтона хорошая штука